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About Joel Therien

My first professional career right out of University was as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab Specialist. I was working at a hospital in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Despite an amazing boss, great colleagues and a great salary of $52 000 a year I quit eight months into it. I just realized very quickly that working for someone else was not going to provide me with the future that I desired for me and my family. I remember saying to myself “Ok so now I do stress testing at this hospital for the next 40 years? Yuk!” In 1997 I registered my very first domain name called “”. The idea behind this domain was to build a local information portal for the town of “Aylmer” that I lived in. My goal back then was to just have a few dollars to either supplement my income or pay my mortgage. Learn More Here. 

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with GVO

Now Lifestyle

NowLifestyle is a health and wellnesss program that has helped literally thousands of people live a healthier and more productive life… If you want to get in the best shape of your life in just 7 minutes a day three times per week please check this out now.  

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Millionaire Mindset Free Business Mentoring Program

Over the past 18 years Joel has literally helped hundreds of thousands of people start and run a successful business both online and offline. Often people ask “Why for FREE?”

Because I want to give back.. nothing more!

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Global Virtual Opportunities Inc,

GVO is our flagship company that owns one of the most revolutionary datacenters in the world. You can have a full tour of our datacenter here. By owning and operating our own datacenter we can give the best service at still the very best pricing online. In 1998 GVO started as a company called Kiosk in Ottawa Canada. In the company grew so much that in 2007 the company was re registered in the USA called GVO and headquartered in the bandwidth capital of the world San Antonio Texas.

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Despite being a brand new and revolutionary opportunity, is backed by a multi million dollar Internet Marketing Company called GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities). Where else can you resell products that every network marketer needs and collect 100% commissions?

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The team here at Pure Leverage has put together the most amazing tool suite that every marketer absolutely needs to be able to brand themselves effectively and ultimately build their primary business online. These tools work for both network marketing and conventional businesses.

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Gotbackup is the only online secure cloud storage solution that gives you truly unlimited space to back up all your precious information.

Things like

Gotbackup has the best service and pricing and even comes with a lucrative reseller program for online entrepreneurs.

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